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Spiritual healing tools | Pathway to Light


“Hi: My name is Christina Oss LaBang and I created the pathway of Light, ANDEANsolrocks, in the mystical, spiritual land and water of Lake Titicaca, Peru in 2008. These sacred healing stones ( 22 Peru Runes with each book) took the long journey to the United States carrying the ancient wisdom of Mother Earth and Light, and are now available for all the Children of the Sun who seek understanding and guidance. Pachamama ( Mother Earth) knows our history, origin, and our beginning. She is an oracle to our planet. Her stones of Light help you to see beyond what you already know about yourself and with gained knowledge and shifts in perspective, you reconnect and heal with Divine Love. You begin to remember who you are.
As you get to know these runes from Peru, they get to know you, and together you find your own pathway into Light. ANDEANsolrocks really is one of those magical portals that got transported through time and space to your hands. I hope you get the chance to step into the world of ANDEANsolrocks and experience for yourself, the voices of the sacred stones that call Lake Titicaca home. If you ever get this package it is because you really want it or it really wants you. It is as real and as clean as the heart of our Mother Earth. When she releases her gifts to you, you will know the meaning of Love.”